Hello there.

I'm a Software Engineer with 2.5 years of work experience, currently working at Zomato. I work primarily developing the Zomato consumer app in Kotlin with a focus on maintaining code quality. I did my Bachelor of Engineering degree (Majors in Information Technology) from Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi, India.

I love all things around android and backend development.
Rock, progressive, metal & rap music is my jam. I enjoy discussing, watching or playing football and gaming. I also love drumming on my cheap e-drum kit at home.
In some of my free time I'm dipping my toes in the Go language world.  

Things I currently do

  1. Ship new features and improve user experience for Zomato consumer app
  2. Play Cyberpunk 2077 on Playstation 4
  3. Practise my favorite songs on my e-drum kit at home
  4. Learn golang on the side for fun

Work project and more...

Some notable things I've done:

  1. At Zomato - I've worked on some great features - videos platform for original content revolving around food and comedy, zomato pay for driving payment headache away for merchants and consumers, contactless dining - a solution for safe and contact-free dining experience in coronavirus times, zomato pro which is a membership program with benefits on dining or delivery via zomato app.  
  2. Contributed to Samsung Go platform where my ideas led to an improvement of battery life by 40%.
  3. Worked at Intugine Technologies where I conceptualized and engineered complete architecture and api of Nimble, a motion sensing ring to control devices around you.
  4. Built core Blink applications like system, dialer and fitness at Witworks, which has now been acquired by Myntra.
  5. Won 2nd prize at Smart India Hackathon for making Rakshak, a secure email client to save companies sensitive data from email service providers.

Some things I wish to do soon

  1. Read more books
  2. Learn about functional programming
  3. Design and animate stuff for fun
  4. Start a fun project - maybe making retro synthwave music

About this site

This is my personal blog and website. It has my thoughts about stuff that I've been upto; Which is mostly android, technology, life, music, gaming etc. It's content are in no way affiliated with my employer.

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