Software Engineer at Zomato

I work with the Android team shipping new features with speed and finesse. Some of my notable ones:

  • Zomato Pro
    A membership program for benefits on dining out, delivery and other features of Zomato.
  • Zomato pay
    Seamless payment of restaurant dining out bill via Zomato app.
  • Videos platform
    Wrote a framework for videos on android app with bitrate adjustment based on bandwidth and a feature-full A/B configuration support.
  • Contactless dining
    Solution for dining out during COVID times by eliminating the need for a menu along with a built-in distributed payment system.
  • Improve user experience and stability of the consumer app
  • Building in-house debugging tools

Software Engineer at Samsung R&D Institute

I worked with the 'Framework' group. My responsibilites included:

  • Spearheading overhaul of apps and task edge for Galaxy S10
  • Restructuring and maintaining quick tools and yahoo apps


Software Engineer Intern at Samsung R&D Institute

I was an intern with the 'Framework' group. My primary contributions were:

  • Boosted security of apps by providing security solution called Redact - a simple but powerful encryption library for android apps
  • Contributed ideas to Samsung Go platform which improved battery life by 40%

Software Engineer Intern at Intugine Technologies

Intugine technologies is a bangalore based startup making gesture and voice-based wearables. I worked on 'Nimble', a motion sensing ring to control devices around you.

  • Conceptualized and engineered complete architecture and API of Nimble
  • Increased data tranfer rate by 200% by subscribing to BLE notifications

Software Engineer Intern at Witworks

Witworks (acquired by Myntra) was a consumer IoT company. I worked on the android-based smartwatch 'Blink'.

  • Built core 'Blink' applications like System , dialer and fitness apps
  • Reduced the latency by 90% for voice command using Bluetooth SCO mode.